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What is the speed of your dreams?

I love creating images of peoples' dreams. When I start working with someone new, we have an in-depth consultation about how they would want to be photographed. I encourage my clients to step up and be brave enough to imagine themselves in a different way. This is one reason I named my studio Dreamspeed. What are the speed of your dreams? Are you traveling toward your dreams? I want to show you the person you have always dreamed you could be.


This is a high school senior photoshoot. When I asked Kaley how she would like to be photographed, she said she was going to college to be a lab-tech and wanted to be photographed like a scientist. She and her mom got great props together: white lab coat, test tubes, colorful liquid and even some fizzy liquid that boiled over the tube’s edge and smoked (which they assured me was safe). No matter what happens in Kaley's life, these photos will remind her of her dreams, the dreams she had for herself at this moment. Photos are like the map pins in your life. You can trace where you were and where you went from that day you were photographed.


I have learned from being professionally photographed that photography can move you toward your dreams. When you see yourself the way you have also wanted to be seen, you start to become that person. You actually start to claim that space you have wanted to occupy. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to show the world what you really want. Not only are you looking at yourself in a photo, which scares most people to death at first, but you are showing the world who you want to be. Not hiding that person away anymore, you move a step forward into self-acceptance.  


Dreamspeed Photography. Labwork.
Dreamspeed Photography. Test tube