16 x 20 Sarah choose for her wall

“To See the Beauty and Elegance people tell me I have...”

I recently photographed Sarah, a library aide in Chilhowie. From the first moment Sarah stepped in my studio, I saw an air of regal confidence, and she seemed wise beyond her years. We had an excellent photoshoot. She was very confident and sparkled in front of the camera. Her gorgeous mother, Kim, came with her, and I was so happy she jumped in to be photographed with her daughter. All three of us had a wonderful time.

Dreamspeed Photography, Sarah and Kim
Sarah and Kim in the studio.

When Kim and Sarah came back to look at their photos, I was thrilled when Sarah said my images made her “see the beauty and elegance people tell me I have.” This is my favorite part of being a photographer, showing the person I am photographing what everyone sees in them. I could see her “beauty and elegance” right away. At my reveals I typically show my clients 20 or so matted images. Sarah loved one of her black and white images and ordered it as a 16 x 20 enlargement.

The day I got her enlargement from the lab, it took my breath away. I couldn’t wait to show it it her. She said the 16 x 20 “really felt like me.” At her reveal session we talked about how this image would stay with her. It would move across the walls of her life. Then her daughters and her grand-daughters would have it on display in their houses. My hope is that 100 years from now someone will look at that portrait and ask, "Who is that beautiful girl?" Someone will proudly say, "That's may great-mother. Wasn't she beautiful?"

I captured Sarah's reaction to seeing the 16 x20 enlargement for the first time: https://animoto.com/play/9kYQLSi4I0HLKbm0c8OTSw

I look forward to photographing Sarah, Kim and the rest of their family. And maybe photographing Sarah as she walks through life. I hope to photographer her finishing college, as a bride, pregnant with her first child, and a family portrait as her own family grows.

Please DM or call me if you would like to set up a complimentary consultation, 540.878.1383. I would love to help you create a portrait that will follow you the rest of your life.

Sarah, Dreamspeed Photography, Chilhowie Virginia
Sarah, Dreamspeed Photography, Chilhowie Virginia