Tips for your headshot session

One reason people tend to put off getting a headshot is they don't know what to do about clothing and hair/makeup. Here are some tips for your next session. It boils down to be a real, polished version of yourself that people will recognize when they see your image.

Dress For Your Ideal Client

You are making a first impression with your headshot. How do you want to be seen? Easy. Wear clothes your ideal client would love. How would you show up to meet your ideal client? If you are a social media marketing expert, you would dress very differently from a lawyer. Find that crisp, clean version of yourself that looks professional, but adds your personality.


If you want attention, use bright bold colors. If you want the focus on your face and personality, neutral colors are best. But always go with what best compliments your skin and your eyes. Avoid prints. Stick with solid colors.


A low neckline might say you are comfortable with your body and look great, but is it what you want to communicate? Again, this comes back to your industry. Keep in mind a really low neckline might be too much for some.


Some people see short sleeves as too causal. Again, depends on how causal your industry is. Short sleeves might be totally acceptable, but when in doubt wear long sleeves.

Consider Renting Clothing for your Headshot or Branding Shoot

I use Rent The Runway in my studio. It is an excellent resource. This is extremely helpful if you are doing a personal branding session and are going to have 5-7 changes of clothes. You will look sharp and in vogue.

Makeup and Hair

I recommend using a professional hair and makeup stylist. You headshots and personal branding are a reflection of your business. You want them to be as flawless as possible. Don't be shy about telling a professional you don't like what they are doing. They will listen and change it. I use an excellent hair and makeup artist in my studio, Keria. If you decide to do your own makeup, keep it soft and for daytime. Don't change yourself too much. You want to present an image of yourself that is polished but true to how you look daily.

Dreamspeed Monthly Headshot Day

Starting in January, 2023, we will be offering our Monthly Headshots. Our Monthly Headshot event is perfect for the professional who is wanting to elevate their online presence before diving into the deep waters of Branding! You come camera ready and we’ll handle the rest!

- design consultation to ensure you feel 100% prepared and ready for your photo session

- tips about what photographs well (& what doesn’t)

- hair and makeup tips so you feel and look like yourself

- 2 outfit changes

- guidance and coaching on posing throughout your session

- immediate image selection

- two beautifully edited images at high and web resolution OR applied 100% toward a package purchase

Price $400 (a $600 value)

Our January headshot day is January 19th. Call 540.878.1383 to book a session.