Time to record the strongest moment of your life

Le Anne contacted me to get a headshot. When she came to the studio for a consultation, I knew I had to photograph her. She is gorgeous and has so much style. She is fiercely her own person with a great sense of humor and honesty. She told me she hadn't had any photos taken in years.

This is the case with most women over 40. After senior pictures and wedding photos, women don't tend to have professional photos taken of themselves. The one exception might be a family photo where they are tucked in behind the children like a prop. But professional photography is changing for women. A growing moment worldwide is photographing women over 40, without kids, without their husband, without family. The photo session for women over 40 is to show women in their full power and celebrate this moment in their lives.

Women over forty shouldn't grab the camera to take the photos of other people. They shouldn't hide behind family and friends when someone takes a photo at a family reunion. It is just as important for them to mark this moment in their lives as it is to get photos of children, the high school graduate, or the young married couple. It is time strong women take their place on the wall with everyone else with a portrait that will last a lifetime.