Rent the Runway

Have you ever wondered what you would wear to a celebrity photoshoot? How you would like to have a beautiful portrait in a designer gown? We will create a complete celebrity photoshoot experience. After hair and makeup, you will slip on a gorgeous gown, and we will you photograph you like a star.

Dreamspeed Photography would like to introduce a new opportunity for those who want to make their portraits truly special. You can order designer clothes for your photoshoot with us. You can now order clothes from Rent the Runway for your photoshoot.

Badgley Mischka Gold Dara Gown from Rent the Runway. Photo by Dreamspeed Photography

How much does it cost?

Each dress is a $70 add-on to your portrait sitting.

We get 4 dresses per month, so this is first come first serve. If you are the first person, you can rent all 4 dresses if you like.

What you'll get

At our consultation we will pick the dresses you want for you photoshoot. Rent the Runway has hundreds of gowns, blouses, pants, jackets from size 0-22. You will find something special and unique to wear for your photoshoot, and we will order it at your consultation.

When you come in for your photoshoot, your designer clothes will be hanging in your dressing room ready for you to slip on after hair and makeup.

What is Rent the Runway?

"...a dream closet filled with an infinite selection of designer styles....Every trend, every color, every print, everything you've ever wanted to wear...."

Find the outfit or gown you want to be photographed in

Why should you do this?

Treat yourself. Record this moment in your life with a beautiful portrait.

You are worth it. Have yourself photographed in designer clothes. You will never forget the experience.

You are a unique. You will own a portrait that is completely exquisite that you will treasure the rest of your life.

Hurry! There are only 4 dresses available for October. First come, first served. Call us today to set up a consultation and choose your lovely designer outfits.