New Year's Diet

How is that New Year's diet going?

How is that New Year's diet going? You know the one where you say, "Starting at 12:00AM on Jan. 1st, I will only eat salads and drink water and loose all my weight by April." It really never works out. What is so different about New Year's Day? Just another day of the year. What is wrong with eating right and taking care of ourselves the other 364 days?

Then you fall off the wagon, and you are back to "hating" your body again. Why do we hate our bodies so much? Think about what your body has done for you. Your body has been the suit of your soul and taken you everywhere. Your eyes have shown you mountains and sunsets. Your feet have walked a million miles when you thought you couldn't go on. Your arms have hugged loved ones and taken injections. Your ears have heard Mozart. Your fingers have touch silk. Your nose let you know when a fire was burning in the distance or when your mom's Hungarian stew was cooking. Your heart kept pumping even when it was broken.

Your body is a unique miracle that has gotten you through everything beautiful and all things horrible in your life. So why do we want to starve it every January 1? Start NOURISHING your body. Respect your body and give it what it needs to keep providing you with life. Let's take care of our bodies so they will work even better and last longer. You don't need a fade diet. We ALL KNOW what to do get healthy.

I know this is easier said than done, but try and make a good choice every time you put something into your body (and mind for that matter). Nobody is perfect, but think nourishment and self-care and be grateful to your bones and blood that have gotten you this far.