Finding the real you

Why is it so hard to be the person we are meant to be? Because everyone tries to impose their rules on us. You have the haunting voice of at least one parent telling you what can’t do. You have your tribe who expects you to be a certain way. Popular media tells you over and over again how you should look and how you should think. TV trains you to cry on command and how to respond to any situation. It’s hard to buck all this noise that is around us 24/7 and be who you really are. You know what to do to be yourself, but many of us push that down so we can fit in or not have to defend who we are. It takes energy to stand out. Nobody wants to be scrutinized. But if you have the courage to put yourself out there to the world and defend it, you are on your way to being the person you are supposed to be.

We are faced everyday with choices. Situations, that make up who we are. And we know when these choices come up. Do I drink that Coke when I’m on a diet? Do I stand up to someone who is belittling me? Do I keep working on the computer or watch Pretty Woman for the 100th time? You always know what to do to stay on your path. You just have to keep believing in yourself. Believe that your opinion is valid. Believe that you can achieve your goals. Believe in yourself.

Having my portrait taken was a big step in self-actualization. I actually got to see the person I was trying to become. Every time I look at the portraits, I’m reminded that I’m on a journey to becoming that person. I keep the images on my hearth so I can look at them daily. It helps me stay on track. Of course, this never stops. You are always climbing. But portraits are evidence of the real you.