Sarah and Lyra at Dreamspeed Photography

Every second counts

I heard about the opportunity to become a sponsor for a local ballet studio, and I was so excited. I became friends with the Sarah Reedy, the owner of Mrs. Sarah's Ballet, and she and her daughter Lyra came to the studio for a photoshoot. I love the arts. Teaching children to express themselves is a life-long lesson that will always benefit them. It teaches them to think in way math, reading, and science doesn't. It helps them gain confidence in their abilities. It gives them the courage to fail, again and again and again, but to keep trying until something is accomplished. This one of the most valuable lessons anyone can learn. I'm still working on it at my age!

Sarah and Lyra at Dreamspeed photoshoot.

Lyra is only 4 years old, but she twirled and jumped for the whole hour and a half photoshoot and did anything I asked her do. She and her Sarah obviously have a special bond. Lyra loved to jump up and have Sarah flip her upside down. They would dance and laugh, but at the end of each posing session, they always seemed to come together and hug each other. They are beautiful together and neither of them stopped smiling the whole time we were in the studio.

The photoshoot was stunning and everything worked so nicely. I was grateful that I helped Sarah and Lyra preserve this moment. They allowed me to document these precious seconds of their lives that will never come again. Years from now, how precious will these photos be to Lyra and Sarah? Sarah may remember that hot summer afternoon when these were taken. It was just before Lyra started taking dance, and she was busy planning a recital. And Lyra can share these photos with her grand- children, and tell them that their beautiful great-grandmother used to teach dance in Marion. 

Photos capture a second that can never be reproduced. Even if Sarah and Lyra came back to the studio in the same clothes one day later, it would be a different experience. We change every moment. Every stage of your life should be documented and preserved so you can reflect on your journey on this earth. Look back on who you once were, see how far you have come, and where you want to go.