Family photoshoot on Cape Cod, Dreamspeed Photography

Cape Cod, Outdoor Shoots, Part 1

I had a vision for how I wanted to photograph these two adorable little girls. I saw them with their faces pressed together and a little wind in their hair. But when you go on location, nothing ever comes out the way you envision. Actually, even in studio nothing ever comes out the way you initially saw it.

When we started working with the girls, the light was good, but on the dark side. We hung my giant tulle coat over two chairs in the backyard to use as a backdrop. I checked the light and tried to get everything just right before the girls came in. Kids generally have a short on-set lifespan, so it's best not to leave anything to chance. But they followed direction and worked with me as long as they could. I didn't want to tire them out because I knew we had two more set-ups to go. I love the girls on the tulle. I think they look like "circus kids." Seems like there is gypsy wagon behind them and they are just stopped for a rest.

We also photographed them in front of an antique Cape Cod house from the early 1800s. We sat in front of the lilac garden and tried to work fast since a late afternoon storm was coming. But I loved the soft light before the storm. It is soft and fuzzy. However, we all were all being eaten by mosquitoes. When I edited the images, I had to take the bites off the girls.

Outside the house in the garden

The last set of images were taken in the house at the bottom of the stairs. Stairs in old Cape Cods nearly go straight up. There is very little room at the base of the stairs to move around, so I had to sit halfway out the door to get these shots. The leg I had sticking out the door was being eaten by mosquitos, but the light was beautiful, white walls and white stairs with the light coming in behind me. Light was bouncing everywhere.

I am really trying to expand my horizons and start shooting outside and on location on a limited basis. Yes, a part of why I don't like going out of the studio is the discomfort of mosquitoes and storms. But I'm a planner. I have to try and eliminate as many problems as I can beforehand. I do this so I can concentrate 100% on my craft and give my clients my full attention. But I like the unexpected rewards of photoshoots outside the studio. I think I'm just going to have to woman-up and embrace the unknown.