Dreamspeed Photography conceal carry

All Women's Concealed Carry Class-June 3

One of the threads that runs through my business, my art and my life: Women stepping out of the shadow of self-doubt and claiming who they are. Women being in control of their own lives. Women actually choosing their own paths. Not the path someone decided for them, but living the life they want to live, living the life they were born to live. There is an unspoken rule that woman should forget themselves, disappear and be the supporting cast for their family, marriage, and careers. Not that being devoted to one's loved family is a bad thing, but you have to maintain your individualism. It's time to wake up from the unspoken of rules of "what you should do to be a good girl."

Women being in control of their lives means defending their lives. No matter what your politics are, you must protect yourself in this strange new world we have to navigate. We can NEVER rely solely on others to keep us safe. We have to step up and take responsibility for ourselves.

That is why I'm so excited to offer a concealed carry class for women only. Dreamspeed Photography is partnering with to Bastion Training Group to offer the women of our community a chance to learn about gun safety and concealed carry laws in a women only class. There are NO stupid questions here! Whether you are a beginner or advanced gun enthusiast, you will love this class tailored to women's concerns. Once you finish the class, you will be able to get your concealed carry permit with your certificate.

The class is Saturday June 3 at 9AM at the Dreamspeed Photography studio outside Chilhowie. There are only 20 spots available, so don't wait to sign up. You will feel at ease with other women as you learn everything about concealed carry laws and safety. The class is only $60. Call Cindy Goff at 540-878-1383 to pay over the phone and get complete information. You must pre-pay to be in the class.