Badgley Mischka, black draped velvet ruffle gown. Photo by Dreamspeed Photography. 2022

The best offer
of the year!

Double Your Dollars

Our Black Friday Special is the only time of the year our services are discounted. So this is the perfect time to book a session with Dreamspeed Photography. It's your turn to treat yourself. Remember all those times you hid behind coworkers when someone took a photo? Remember those family reunions when you got as far in the back as you could? Remember taking photos of everyone else so you didn't have to be in them? That is over. This photoshoot is ALL ABOUT YOU. Hair and make-up, an in-depth consultation, photo reveal and a beautiful portrait that will live on for 100 years.

What does Double Your Dollars mean?

When you spend $500 for a session, you get a $500 product credit!

Where we discuss how you define beauty, styles and artwork you’re attracted to, and how you envision being photographed.
PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP STYLING: On the day of your session so you can feel put together and amazing for your photoshoot.
LUXURY STUDIO PHOTO SESSION: With accredited Associate Photographer Cindy Goff in up to 3 different looks in her Chilhowie photography studio. 
REVEAL AND ORDERING SESSION: 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot to personally review the curated collection of imagery and to select your favorite imagery to order (should you choose to do so. No additional purchase is required). 
IMAGE CREDIT: You will receive an image credit of $380 which covers the cost of a 16 x 20 or it can be applied to other products.

Whatever you spend, you get that amount in product credit. So for example, spend $500 on full session, and get $500 in product credit. The more you spend, the more credit you get. There is no limit to how much you can spend. But a purchase of $500 for a session fee is the minimum amount to spend to get this deal.

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Why should
I do this?

• Everyone deserves beautiful portraits. How long has it been since you were photographed?
• If you have been avoiding looking at yourself in photos or even in the mirror, a photo session and professional portraits will help your self-image.
• Your beautiful images will last in your family 100 years.
• Maybe you know someone that needs this experience and one of our sessions would be the perfect gift.
• Black Friday is the ONLY time of the year we have a discounted offer.

A boutique photography experience

Cindy Goff. Photo by Cat Ford-Coates

Cindy Goff is an accredited Associate Portrait Photographer.  Her work has been published and exhibited, and it also has received numerous Virginia Press awards. Your portrait session is all about you. Cindy creates a custom experience for each of her clients. She will make you feel at ease in front of the camera and her goal is to show you the strong, beautiful person the world sees when they look in your eyes.

Initial Consultation  In our initial consultation we will talk in length about what kind of session you want.
Wardrobe Styling
During your consultation we will talk about your style. You will also receive The Dreamspeed Beauty and Wardrobe guide to help you get ready for your photoshoot.
Image Reveal
The image reveal is 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. You will choose your favorite images.

Professional Hair and Makeup
When you come for your photoshoot, you will be in the makeup chair for about an hour. If you want light day makeup or a darker look, our hair and makeup artist will listen to what you want and make sure you look perfect for our photoshoot.
Professional Retouching
The images you select will be retouched as if they are going to be published in a fashion magazine. No stone will be left unturned on your images.

Guided Photoshoot We will guide you through the every step of the photoshoot. Unless you are a professional model, you probably don't know what poses will make you look your best. We will pose you down to your fingernails.
Multiple Outfit Changes
After hair and makeup, you will be in your photo session for 1-2 hours, so you will have plenty of time for multiple looks.
Digital Files & Prints
At Dreamspeed Photography, we believe in keeping your legacy alive in portraits. For that reason, when you purchase an image from us, you will get both a professional print and digital copy of your image.

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*** Black Friday Specials may not be used with other Dreamspeed Photography vouchers. The deadline to book the session for The Black Friday Special is September 30, 2023 and the deadline for the session is December 31, 2023.